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this is our story

Originally formed with a passion for performing their own original music. TOMMYANDMARY's influences come from many situations that they have felt the need to project to their audience. These situations are very easily empathised by those that feel in-prisoned or judged by society. For reasons of poverty, enslavement to money driven lifestyles and a fight to follow one's dream in life for one's passion.

They busked for three years to earn an honest living with their own original music and have put on shows at various venues around London including but not limited to 100club, Nambucca, Barfly, The Bird's Nest, The Fiddler's Elbow, The Dublin Castle.


Their journey and love for their music is as strong as their relationship to one another. Having had their first live show at 'the White lion' in streatham on their wedding night, on the 24th of April 2014. 

Tommy and Mary promised to one another, that they would only play with each other throughout their journey as musicians and would not form any other band apart from the one that includes them both, TOMMYANDMARY.

Love is what makes judgment easier to handle on the streets. As they have continued to learn and develop their own sound, most of their current work is inspired by the public. They speak out to their audience with meaning and empathy, which gives them the progressiveness to write more songs in which will capture moments of entertainment, having felt what the audience feed Both Tommy and Mary's sensitivity. 

TOMMYANDMARY, though are seen as punk. It is fundamental to understand the history of punk before it can be affiliated with their style of music. 


TOMMYANDMARY have been musicians and performers since May 2015 and their list of songs continue to grow and they aim to continue playing music until death do them part. 

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