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Recording session with Gary Wallis and Rupert Cobb

Yesterday we recorded our new album "Authority" at Gun Hill studios with Gary Wallis - the rock'n'roll legend who we happen to know from our busking experience. We also had and honour to have the whole session filmed by Rupert Cobb and his team. Honestly, still cannot get over it as the whole experience was unbelievably awesome. We are so grateful for everything these legends did for us x It was a chance of a lifetime and we had the best time of our career as musicians.

We also had a please of having our friends Giorgia Zarantonello and Arkadiusz Kasperczyk present at the session who filmed the behind the scenes videos of the whole day and William Hugh Fitzpatrick who provided us all the food and roll ups for the day. The best time spent is the time spent with your friends so thank you to these three beauties for being there for us and working so hard on making great things happen xx

All the photos in this post were taken by either Giorgia or Arkadiusz but as they are asleep at the moment I did not want to wake them up for a permission to use them x

And yes our album will be released on the 25th of January at The 100 club and the tickets are available here:

See you there! Stay warm

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