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Met up with our filming team for an inteview

So after a very exciting recording session at Gun Hill Studios ( we met up with Giorgia Zarantonello, Ella Mons and Arkadiusz Kasperczyk at a really cool place in Shoreditch called "Ziferblat" for a little interview that these guys had organised for us before the official release of our third album - "Authority".

As this album release is a very special event for us since Gary Wallis himself organised a whole production session and a filming session for all the 8 tracks of the album, Giorgia decided to film a whole documentary on us showing some really cool footage from the production day and previous shows and many more back scenes that you guys might be interested in watching x

We are really really happy to have Giorgia next to us documenting every single important step in our career and all those silly things that happen in-between and both me and Tommy are absolutely stoked about the upcoming film on us! Stay tuned x

And yes a huge thank you to Ziferblat for basically saving our ass at the very last second and letting the interview happen in their very cozy environment x

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